What is Insurance?

We live in a World full of uncertainties. When we look around us, we see losses occur due to death, motor accident, disability, health issues, pandemics, burglary, business interruptions etc., Taking adequate insurance cover helps to obviate the financial crisis and safeguard against the losses that follow as a result of such events. Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy and a means of security from financial loss. It is a form of risk management. The insurance company pays you or someone you choose if something bad happens to you.

Protection of Income either from Risk of Early Death(or) Risk of Living long

Obviate the losses that happen due to untoward events like Motor accident

Health cover for self and family to tide over the Medical inflation costs

Customized Insurance cover to suit various need be it personal or Business

Why you need GWC?

Some insurance policies can be complicated, and we GWC can help a policyholder understand the details of a policy and also work out what the level of cover needed to ensure that the policyholder’s interest is well-protected. We always keep our client interest foremost in mind while dealing with insurance companies whom he/she has tied up with.

We can find a good deal for the policyholder on insurances and can negotiate premiums on his/her behalf. We will clearly explain the insurance policy and advise the policyholder on any special situations that they need to know about. We also provide excellent post sales service which clients look forward to after policy issuance. We can prepare customized insurance and risk management programs for a policyholder and his/her business, where they design the policies, negotiate the terms with insurance companies and place the cover with the insurer. These customized solutions make the clients get the comfort level.

By including a risk management program, the policyholder can share the responsibility of loss prevention and loss minimization and thereby reduce premium costs. We can help the policy holder devise such programs.

Hence there is no room for any doubts.

Our Insurance Types


Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is the precious gift given by the bread winner to one’s family. It is a contract which compensates financial losses suffered by the family as a result of Death, Disability & Disease. The family is thus ensured to continue the same standard of living. The pure risk policies are called Protection/ Term Policies, while insurance coupled with investments are called the popular Endowment / Unit Linked policies.

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General Insurance

Under General Insurance we are authorized to sell products of accident, health, motor, professional indemnity covers, fire, public liability & also group insurance viz Group personal accident (GMC & GPA) policies. We have tie-ups with all the leading general insurers in the market to help us get the best competitive quote to our clients.


Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a developing market in India with the increasing costs of medical treatment in hospitals coupled with medical inflation costs. They also cover pandemics like COVID'19, We sell Retail & group medi-claim policies (GMC's ) under tie ups with both general & standalone health insurers.

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